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Development requires open discussion and the challenge of existing with new ideas. This is more true now than ever, as we are living in an exceptional era that comes to the speed of technology development and the dynamics of global markets. It is evident that the competitive advantage of today does not secure the success of the future and we need to continuously seek new opportunities. This is era is, however, an exciting one as the continuous change creates a wide horizon of new interesting possibilities for us. We just need to be the first one in the market to exploit these… And this is a challenge for the overall innovation process of companies and value chains.

In practice, optimising the whole “property value chain”, material manufacturing process end product operation environment, is needed in order to maximise the customer value. This is challenging for individual material producer as it requires multiple expertise from various application areas and technologies over the “property value chain”. The solution for this is effective innovation and co-creation with effective practices throughout this chain.

FIMECC Ltd., an open innovation R&D company, tackle this issue by facilitating concrete cooperation between companies and research institutes in order to create concrete results for the emerging opportunities of the markets. The key ideas behind are strong commitment of leading industry players under common targets and lean network based approach with wide value chain coverage.

Currently FIMECC is running two material focused programs: Breakthrough Steel and Applications (FIMECC BSA) and Hybrids materials (FIMECC HYBRIDS). Both these programs address the critical application driven material challenges and seeks the best possible solutions for these in co-operation with the “property value chain” partners. While the FIMECC BSA focus on steels and their novel applications, FIMECC HYBRIDS tackles the surface related issues and widens the solution portfolio from steels to other materials and material combinations. Both the programs are initiated by the final application demands and seeks significantly better results with shorten time-to-market than any partner could do individually.

The programs have also another common target, which is more strategic: They aim to speed up radically the materials development process by using novel digital technologies. The idea behind is that the characteristics and requirements of the end product operation environment are filed into novel materials simulators which then calculates the best applicable material concepts. This would enable effective interplay between the “property value chain” while it decreases the need of expensive and time consuming material testing and improves the “hit rate” of the novel materials concepts to the end requirements.

To realise this target, intensive research and development actions are needed as the final solution should combine novel simulation tools with the deep fundamental understanding of the material properties and processing. The programs have engaged over 35 doctoral thesis researcher and their supervisors for this challenge and the outcomes are very promising. While there are still work to be done, it is evident that this kind of capabilities which radically speed-up concrete co-creation with right partners and right targets are essentials in the future.

We in FIMECC believe that no one of us is as smart as all of us together - We just need to be led in a manner that we get most of us all. FIMECC engages over 160 organisations and over 2000 experts. In addition to material development, FIMECC speeds-up co-creation in the areas of smart production, novel digital solutions and new value creation mechanisms of the metals and engineering industry. Our network based approach enables dynamic multidisciplinary ecosystems which can effectively find opportunities and exploit them in an agile manner. This is a significant knowledge base and a powerful asset for effective innovation. We welcome all those who are willing to contribute to the common goals and to take most out of the co-creation. Find more information from

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