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The Match Observatory is a strategic vigilance system aimed at identifying and following the adoption by market of the key research and technology developments in materials required to meet the challenges of the 21st century across major industrial sectors. For this we will follow the evolution of market drivers, market value of the innovations and signals of real market acceptance of the innovations, this is basically TRL7, 8 and 9.


For the implementation of the Observatory tree main activities were defined and planned.

  • Planning of the MATCH Observatory
  • Collection of information
  • Dissemination of information

Planning of the MATCH Observatory

During this phase the main activities carried out were definition of KITs (Key Intelligence Topics) and identification of sources of information.

After a review of the strategic literature about the topic, i.e. EuMat Research Agenda or ETPs documents and a number of questionnaire-based phone interviews with EU national and regional actors on materials science a ranked list of topics where the two more voted topics were selected as primary KITs for the Observatory on four of the sectors. For the Health sectors the input of the experts induced us to completely change our selection into 3 new KITs.

  • Construction: 1) Advanced Insulation Materials, 2) Materials for Thermal / Electricity Generation and Storage
  • Energy: 1) Materials for Energy Storage, 2) Materials for High Temperatures
  • Transport: 1) Integration of Materials, 2) Lightweight Metal Materials
  • Creative Industries: 1) Functionalisation of Textile Materials, 2)Integration of Materials
  • Health: 1) Implantable Materials, 2) Tissue Engineering, 3) Diagnostics (and Therapeutics)

The preliminary identification of sources has been made by different means, such as input from partners, input from experts interviews and searches on directories and general search engines. The result is a preliminary list of sources. Each of them has been categorized according to its coverage, as they can be specific for one of the five relevant sectors, cover some of them or have a general interest in the field of materials. This selection will be updated as new sources become available during the project lifetime.

Collection of information

On September 2015 and according to the distribution agreed in the surveillance plan, partners started collecting information internally in order to fine tuning their respective sources and tools. The information is constantly gathered using a semi-automatic approach that combines the use of internet monitoring agents with more precise selection criteria by human means.

Several online and face to face meetings have been carried out to coordinate approaches and formats concerning the upload of information on the web dissemination tool.

Dissemination of information

As defined in WP3 three main methods have been developed to disseminate information collected by the Observatory.


  • Deliverable D.4.3. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Channels, available for thedifferent categoriescovered by the Observatory.

  • Deliverable D.4.4. Half-yearlyreports that summarize and connect the most relevant pieces of information using three main groups: market value related news, actors’ movements (company investments, launch of new products, etc.) and research projects and programs. The first of these reports was produced in June 2016 and can be accessed on the Reports page

Additionally a twitter account @InfoObservatory has been created to disseminate Observatory´s posts.

Next steps

The Match Observatory KITs will be updated during the project life taking into account the results obtained in other work packages with the aim to have a broad and accurate range of key intelligent topics, which can contribute to a better understanding about what is to come in the field of advance materials. MATCH observatory will receive inputs especially from WP6 (Roadmap Foresight and roadmap). The sustainability of MATCH Observatory will be studied during 2017 before the MATCH project is over.