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One of the most important drivers to electrify traffic and transportation  are  the  zero emission  levels  –  at  least locally  –  of  CO2,  NOx  and  particles.  Another  significant driver  is  the  energy  efficiency  of  electric  vehicle  which is  substantially  better  than  in  conventional  combustion engine powered vehicles. According to some studies the total efficiency of  electric  vehicles  from  well  to  wheel  is three times as good as the total efficiency of  petrol driven vehicles.

The  European  and  national  emission  reduction  target levels for traffic have been set for 2020 and beyond. It is quite obvious that the targets cannot be met without reducing  remarkably  the  use  of  fossil  fuels,  and  shifting  to electric power in transportation and logistics. Similar mindset was also in the background in 2009-2010 when the studies about the meaning and importance of electric cars and electric mobility for Finnish society in the years to come were carried out. The main result of these studies was the identification of business possibilities for Finnish industry in the fields of mobile machinery electrification, vehicle software, charging technology, automotive industry components and electric mobility infrastructure.

All these significant business potentials gave the Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes a good motivation to launch a specific programme in the field of electric mobility in 2011.

The main target of the programme was to create an  electric mobility  ecosystem, that  could  generate  new knowledge and competence in EV related technologies and services. From the very beginning all the development was focused on international business opportunities. The programme wanted to establish contacts also to international programmes and important business actors.The main approach in the EVE programme was to emphasize piloting, testing and demonstration projects.

As firect results of EVE programme roughly ten new start-ups have been founded and existing companies have increased remarkably their business volume in international markets. Two good examples of the startups are Virta Ltd. and Linkker Oy. Both companies were founded during the programme and have already created business outside Finland.  Other good examples are Visedo and Plugit Finland, who both have already created large business on EV related technologies and services.

Check out the programme's final report here